I create quilt blankets with a quilted top and a blanket bottom. The styles range from T Shirt Quilts with and without a border, a hodge podge or crazy quilt style. I can also make brick quilts with pajamas and polo shirt quilts. You may decide which style you want based on the number of shirts you have, the size desired or your budget. Common choices for backing are polar, sweatshirt, or minky fleece. 


Preserve the memory of a loved one or a special memory with a pillow. Pillows can be made from button down shirts, T Shirts, cheerleading uniforms, varsity jackets, Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs) and band uniforms. Add-ons include embroidery, ruffles, and piping. I have a wide range of styles and sizes available from throw pillows, to pillow cases, teddy bears and stuffed penguins.


Maiden Jane creates a variety of totes. Upcycled totes can be made from T Shirts, sweatshirts, and Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs). I even created several purses from a suede coat that belonged to a beloved mother. A popular Maiden Jane product is the oversized beach tote created to hold many towels when you head to the beach! Recently I have been creating totes to hold oxygen tank totes.


My most interesting ideas come from my customers! Feel free to bring your questions to me. Examples of upcycled items include: cowls, clutches and Angel ornaments. 

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