When was the last time you were thanked for being a loyal customer? Annie and I received a surprise phone call from the Regional Vice President of Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores in which we were told we were being given a $100 gift card. To celebrate their 66th anniversary they awarded the gift cards to their top 66 preferred customers. I am sure this is based on the use of our mailer coupons, which are in Annie’s name. So Annie and I will share the prize.
I am not a shopper. I rarely go to the mall. I try to shop only for what I need. The problem is I need to create. I need to knit, sew, craft, so I visit Jo-Anns several times a week. Sometimes it’s just to pick up a notion. Or its a special sewing project that is getting started. At other times it may be to search for inspiration. If I can’t make a gift, I often use my coupon to purchase a gift.
So, thanks Jo-Ann! I will enjoy spending my gift!