Cleveland, in Northeast Ohio, is the 40th cloudiest city in the United States. (And seventeen of those 40 are located in Alaska.) Yes, the Great Lakes produce a lot of moisture – and a lot of clouds. Somewhere around the middle of November I realize I’m in for a long stretch of sunless skies.

Thankfully, I am lucky enough to surround myself with beautiful colors and beautiful fibers at These metallic beauties caught my eye.

With two teenage daughters in the house, anything pink and green is always welcome and these vibrant colors were a welcome counterpoint to the never ending grey skies.

Since a woman can never have too many bags, I set out to make a simple tote and selected a Butterick pattern.

The pattern was fairly simple to follow. It required craft weight, sew-in interfacing. An inside pocket was sewn to the lining.

It was not long after I began this project that I was surprised to see blue skies and sunshine. We were thrilled to have several clear days in a row, although accompanied by sub-freezing, arctic air.

The result?

Two fun bags, one satisfied Mom, and a happy

“Miss Pink”


“Miss Green”