I had the opportunity to create a blanket for the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

It was a gift from the employees to their boss and it featured shirts from various events from the past 13 years! The boss said it was “the best gift I’ve ever gotten.” That’s pretty exciting!

They shared this photo with me, which I just love! You can check out some of the comments that were left on my Facebook page and some of the other local love and connections!

It sounds trite to say that I am busy, but this is my busy season creating blankets for grads. Pinterest has been sending a lot of visitors this way, for which I’m very grateful.  Presently, completion dates for custom blankets are late June/August. Unfortunately, I can’t complete beach blankets much faster than that, so I’ve had to turn some business away, understandably.

This “Hodge Podge” design continues to be popular. I have been tweaking the design a bit and I am also tweaking my prices.

This blanket uses a sweatshirt fleece for the backing.  It makes a nice, thin, yet sturdy blanket – equally nice on the couch, at the stadium or on the grass!

 For newcomers interested in ordering a blanket, you might want to start here:

Thanks for your continued support and friendship!