Kraft Tex 1

Have you seen the new fabric called Kraft-Tex?  I stumbled upon this book at the library.


I was intrigued by this fabric and decided to order some from Amazon. (It is not carried at our local Joann Stores.)  I purchased the natural and black.


The fabric is a paper-based material and can be used as a substitute for leather. You know that label on your jeans (think Wranglers)? That’s likely Kraft-tex! I like that it is eco-friendly and durable and want to explore ways to use it!  It feels very papery at first. You can wash, dry, and iron it. I am washing some now to see how it softens.

Because I love practical and because my son forgot his MacBook charger when he came home from Chicago, I thought a charger carrier for travel would be a nice gift idea. I guesstimated the sizes of the pockets.  If they don’t fit, I will whip up another one. This took about ten minutes to make!  I was thinking he could store his phone charger, ear buds, charging cords and computer charger in here.


To make the ties, I simply cut thin strips and stitched them to the case before I stitched the pockets.  I also scored the fabric where I wanted to fold it.



I used a gel pen to write “Chargers” on the case. I think it would be a wonderful base for hand or even machine embroidery. It is ideal for machine stitching and I hope to play around with some artistic accents.

Some ideas I have to work with Kraft-tex: a charger organizer for the car (I have a compartment full of cords!), wallet, purse bottoms. What ideas do you have?