I was so excited to create this T Shirt quilt for a dear friend! 

I was inspired to try a variation on my standard T Shirt Quilt when I saw sweatshirt fleece at Jo-Ann.

I backed this quilt with sweatshirt fleece, with the fuzzy side facing out, with the intention that this quilt could be used as a stadium blanket.  On those chilly Friday nights, you could wrap yourself in something as cozy as your favorite sweatshirt!

The blanket is a hefty 5 feet by 6 feet and uses 20 shirts.  I cut the shirt larger than my standard quilt and eliminated the sashing strip.

The recipient of this blanket gifted most of these shirts to our family!  Don’t worry, even though I used up twenty shirts, there are plenty left hanging in our closets!

I oriented the shirts along the wider side of the rectangle.  I figured that this way, when you are wrapped up in this blanket, everyone could read the T shirts!

The kids absolutely fell in love with this blanket.  I’m not sure if it was the bigger size, the weight of the blanket or the fuzzy fleece.

Even though it feels hefty, the blanket folds up compactly.  

I was thrilled to make this for our friend. Since I know he’s reading, I’ll add that your generosity to this family is greatly appreciated – as well as your friendship!

Whip up a memory blanket for yourself – or I can make one for you.  It’s listed in my Etsy shop here.