I completed this family of Hodge Podge Quilts.  This lovely customer sent me five Flat Rate boxes of clothes that were filled with memories!
This quilt was a combination of shirts, graduation gowns, and shorts from the husband and wife. The shirts were so loved that they had holes in them! There was also a mysterious yellow strip that had to be included…..it’s always a bit of a mystery when I work on these and think about the stories behind these shirts. I would love it if my customers would volunteer to write a post about it!
Nevertheless, I believe this is the first “couples” quilt I have made and my customer said she cried when she saw the photos – 20 years of memories came flooding back to her.
The mysterious yellow strip.


One of three graduation gowns included.


She also had me create a blanket for her daughter, which will be a gift.

A princess sash.
A baby washcloth.

It will now be a race to the finish. As soon as I said my orders are closed I have a flood of requests. I’ve accepted the challenge….but will someone do my Christmas shopping for me????