I have had some unusual requests for custom sewing. One, was for a tote bag to hold an oxygen tank. The customer had a Vera Bradley bag but it was too narrow. I did not have the tank to work with, but we sketched out the dimensions.

I used a lovely quilted fabric from Joann’s. I added an outside pocket because the customer wants to use it as a purse. I also added a grommet on the side top so she could string her oxygen tube through it. I really like the fabric. To make it look more like a Vera Bradley bag I should have placed the stripes differently – with the pocket between the stripes but I didn’t want to waste the fabric.

A friend of mine asked me to make a yoga bag out of a coffee sack. She needed room for a block, so we didn’t think the standard type of yoga bag would work.

There is a nice tutorial on Sew 4 Home on how to make a bag like this.

 I will ask my friend to assess how it holds up. There is not a lot of body to the burlap of a coffee bag. I could have lined it with a duck cloth to add more body but I liked this fabric!

I feel like I’m starting to get back in the groove. I’ve finished a number of quilt blankets and I’m keeping my studio organized. How about you? Is January beating you down?