I usually make the borders of my t-shirt quilts in subdued colors that capture the high school colors. However, the particular young lady for whom this quilt was made was involved in many activities and her mom wanted to include shirts from her early dance years. The resulting colors were quite varied. When I spied this Hippie Chicks fabric I thought it would capture most of the t-shirt colors. (This particular young lady attended my high school alma mater – they now let boys in….and the school colors are blue and gold.)
My t-shirt quilts originated with several patterns found in magazines. I have adapted the design over the years to improve the construction process and comfort for the recipient. It is made using twelve t-shirts, contrasting border pieces and polar fleece backing. In this example, some of the t-shirts were less than the size of typical squares, so I adapted the t-shirts to fit, as illustrated by the next two photos.

The resulting blanket folds up compactly – a perfect gift for the high school grad as he/she heads off to college.