Nearly halfway through summer and all I can think of is, “what is a weekend?” We had a crummy start to summer with a record 16 consecutive days of rain. We managed to squeeze in a few trips to the beach but it now feels like a typical Cleveland July with temps in the 90s.
First, a couple of business items. We are halfway into the Runner’s T Shirt Quilt Giveaway.  Be sure to enter and spread the word if you have a bunch of running T Shirts!
Second, my Etsy shop is on vacation. This is the second time I have closed my shop – ever. I am super busy, have bookend family reunions, and decided I needed to catch my breath! I am still sewing and answering emails. The shop will be open by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!
Third, I’ve gone global!
What is life like during a Maiden Jane summer?
Air show in my front yard.

Finding “Lucky Stones”….my latest obsession.

Regular, old-fashioned, rec baseball! No weekends, no traveling and lots of winning (for once!)

River walks.

Watching and listening to my son play at every type of venue imaginable!


Rasberry/Cranberry Beer
Wonder Bar

Beiber Fans on E. 4th
Beiber vs. Jazz – I choose Jazz

Speaking of venues, we visited an interesting venue in the BottleHouse in Cleveland Heights. We listened to original jazz.

There were people of all ages with pinball and board games available.

This can probably be viewed as politically incorrect or bad parenting, but I thought it was fun and creative….
These kids were clinking beer bottles with quarters making all kinds of music!

Yes, a woman after my own heart.  She was embroidering!

This place was neither bar or restaurant to me, but more of a gathering space. I also noticed that there were NO tvs. It seems I can’t even go into a nice restaurant anymore without tvs in my face. Even when I try not to look at a tv, I find my eyes drawn to it. We were discussing if this type of venue with jazz and other types of music could exist in my outer ring suburb versus the more artsy and culturally diverse “heights.”  We concluded our area is just too “conventional.”

This was attached to my son’s arm. It is the American Dog Tick and we are pretty sure my son got it walking in the tall grass behind our home – except he found it a day later. It had not burrowed in.

Oh, here’s a bright spot.

My baby won’t stop growing!

That’s a peek into our summer. Needless to say, my “midsummer’s night’s dream” is to have some sleep! How is your summer going? Are you shopping for school supplies?