I am calling this the “Baseball Quilt.”  I was approached by a local friend to make a blanket for her son.  She is one of a few that is making this a surprise gift for his High School graduation.  Most parents ask the kids what shirts they want in their blanket.  But this young man has been involved in multiple baseball leagues since a young boy and she was able to set aside some shirts for the past year.
Not only did she have a pile of shirts, but she had his favorite blanket as a child.  The blanket was so washed and worn that all but hints of the color in the quilt lines were washed away.
She also had a vintage quilt that was at her grandparent’s cabin. She figured this quilt must have been there since the 40s.  Her son loved the quilt, but it had a huge hole in the center.  I couldn’t use it as the back of the memory blanket.  I also didn’t think one square of the old quilt would fit in well either.

I envisioned making a blanket of various shapes so that I could incorporate the vintage quilt into the blanket without it overwhelming the design.  I also bought an Ohio State pillowcase to add a little bit of his future college into the blanket.
So I began with some graph paper.  Yes, a bit of math and planning was involved and it felt great to use it to create the design!
Then the cutting began.  From jackets to jerseys, shirts to sleeves, everything was a possibility.
I really love the end result!  
The special “lovey” blanket was also the special blanket for the graduate’s younger sister.  She was not sure about giving it up.  So we took that blanket and incorporated it into two pillows – one for big brother and one for little sister.

Hers is smaller, with the blanket on one side and one of her big brother’s baseball shirts on the other side.  I salvaged the ruffle to put around hers.  For his, I used the blanket and the quilt.

I went to the baseball diamonds down by the lake and you can see Mother Nature was working against me!

But I am thrilled with the end result.  As is mom.  She can’t wait to give it to her son after he graduates tonight!

I am listing this on my website and in my Etsy shop.  As always, we start with a conversation.