If you came here expecting my version of the Sports Illustrated Cover (is there any fabric in that bathing suit?) or Fifty Shades of My Fifty-something body….don’t worry, I will spare you the agony!

No, the agony I am sharing with you is a classic case of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

A few of the projects in my house waiting for someone who sews (what DO I call myself, by the way: seamstress, sewist, sewer, tailor?)

My excuse? I plead the workaholic excuse. I am always sewing to meet a deadline for my customers and I never take time to sew for myself!

My Archer Shirt waiting to be sewn together.


The pants from the Craftsy Pants class I am taking….and the new dress I’m going to sew for one of the two weddings I have this summer!


The sad sofa seat cushion (and even sadder sofa!)


The throw pillow on my bed which is waiting for a new cover.


The fabric for my new dust ruffle, white, and duvet, which was going to be rich stripes in spice and natural.


Wondering if I should even bother with the duvet since I have been enjoying the white comforter!


The buttons that need to be sewn onto this coat.


The lining on my husband’s coat (it was a hand-me-down, but still)


There you go. I hang my head in shame.