For a while, I have been buying yarn in a yummy yellow color that was going to be knit into a gorgeous cabled afghan and draped beautifully across my couch. Gone would be the rumpled up fleece throws that litter the couch. But reality set in when I had knit about five rows. This afghan was going to take a long time. It was banished to the drawer (under all the other throws) for the past few years as I happily cranked out sweaters, hats, and socks.

But I still dreamed of that perfect throw….so I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to test my Ultimate Sweater Machine. I made two panels – each 305 rows long. Then, I hand-knit seed stitch borders around three of the edges and seamed them together up the middle.

The resulting afghan, while not covered in cables, is a lovely 65-inch square – big enough for two to snuggle under, warm, lofty, light and even covers your feet when taking a nap. Winter’s not so bad after all…..