This project has been 121+ Etsy conversations in the making. My client’s sister lost her young son – an unimaginable tragedy. She and her mom wanted to do something to offer comfort. Rather than ask her for clothes, my client purchased the same set of pajamas that her nephew wore and shipped them directly to me. I estimated how many quilt blocks I could cut and guided her on how many to purchase. I used my small 6.5” block and arranged them in a 10 x 12 grid, so I cut over 120 blocks.

We spent a lot of time reviewing backing fabrics and when we finally settled on one – it was backordered. It’s the minky whisper coral fleece which is a two-sided fleece. It’s very lofty and light but still has a clean look.

I also made two birds for siblings. I used this tutorial. I incorporated the raccoon face at my client’s request. Here’s a few more if you need inspiration.

One day my client sent a photo of this beloved little boy. It just happened that I was sewing the quilt at the time and I was moved to tears. I hope that this blanket can bring a bit of comfort to a family experiencing tremendous grief. All I can offer is sewing from my hands and prayers from my heart