A customer has a Grandma who is in hospice. She asked if I could make three memory blankets out of her Grandma’s shirts and sweaters. They are to be given to my customer’s mom and sister and one is for herself.

Each blanket had a unique set of shirts, but I was asked to include part of her pink bathrobe on each blanket.

She had one shirt from her Grandpa that she also wanted included in all three.

This was the first time I used sweaters.

There were quite a few plain shirts, so I tried to select sashing fabric that coordinated with them, but added a little spunk as well.

Since my customer had contacted me quite a long time ago, I asked if her Grandma was still with us. She said that she was. She isn’t doing well and seems to be hanging on.  I hope these blankets will be a source of comfort for all of these lovely women spanning three generations.