Annie has been venturing into all kinds of interesting fashion classes. (Why, oh why, did I study engineering? Not that I am a fashionista. But seeing her creative projects makes me envious that I spent so much time learning calculus, differential equations, thermodynamics, transport phenomena…)


Right around Valentine’s Day I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for sale at the grocery store. I sent it to Annie as a little surprise and she screamed saying that she recently discovered Audrey Hepburn and loved her style.


While studying trends, Annie excitedly told me that full skirts were “in” and recalled a pink, full skirt I made for her sister for a piano recital. (See, I was actually trendy ten years ago!)  Now they are wearing them with little, crop tops that reminded her of Audrey.


On a trip to the mall (yes, I know) I went into the shops with Annie to look for a skirt. She was looking for a chiffon fabric, but we came upon this pink tulle skirt and I thought it was adorable. She doesn’t have any proms to attend, but we thought she could wear it on Easter. We searched high and low for a crop top and found this sequined top at Forever 21.



Here is her sister imitating Annie channeling her inner Audrey.


I like classic styles and clothes at the waist. I wish I had style, any style. I think my current style might be called, middle-aged grunge…or something like that.



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