I am trying to “catch up” on blogging, can you tell?  There has been a range of emotions these past few months for me and my family – from joy to sadness – and an array of life events including: senior college recital, college graduation, high school graduation, graduation party, Confirmation, moving two kids out of college, moving one back to work for the summer….. There is a lot I would like to share and hope to do so on the blog in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, blankets are in full production. And I had to have Annie’s finished in time for her party! She selected all the shirts to include in her blanket.  She also selected a super, fuzzy, fleece – pink, of course!  It’s been at the foot of her bed and has already been used and washed a number of times. It even traveled to college orientation!

Yes, she does!

Annie loves musicals and this blanket includes some that she was in and/or was involved with and/or attended and/or stole from her sister….

This piece of flannel patchwork is a reconstructed version of her “blanky”. Annie was the only one of my kids to suck a finger and have a lovey. (Let me tell you, that was pure joy to hear her wake up in the middle of the night as a baby, have her cry and then find her finger….). Her grandmother made all the kids a flannel quilt when they were young and hers was washed and worn to threads. At first, I cut down her quilt and sewed it into a smaller size.  Eventually, that piece was nothing more than threads. I found some extra squares of flannel and she sewed a new mini blanket.  So this square is part of that second blanket!

It has been a very exciting time for Annie! This blanket holds special memories from high school and grade school. I’ll share a little more about graduation and her party in a separate post.