It’s Archer time!  I jumped at the opportunity to join Maris in the Archer Shirt Sew Along. The Archer pattern  intrigued me. I have sewn shirts in the past. I made a white, broadcloth blouse that I wore for years at the beach. I’ve made shirts for my husband, including a chamois shirt.
I’m trying to find time to do some fashion sewing. Partly, because I can’t find clothes that fit my body. And partly because sewing is fun! (Most of the time.)
Maris has set up a Facebook group where we can discuss issues. David Coffin created several posts about fit. (Yes, he’s THE David Coffin who wrote the book!)

I love the plaid of the pattern photo above and was hoping to make something like that. We discussed various places to buy fabric and quite a few of us ended up buying at Farmhouse Fabrics. They have a wonderful selection of high quality cotton shirting.

I bought a black and white striped fabric. I will probably look like a referee. They have some fabric bundled in 3 yard packs at fantastic prices, so I also bought the denim.

 I am planning to make my first Archer in the denim as I believe it will be forgiving.

I read David’s posts about whether or not to make a muslin.  I am stonewalled by that a bit because I don’t have a dress form.  I would need to rely on someone to help me fit the muslin. So far, I haven’t even compared measurements of existing shirts to the pattern!
Because if I just stare at it, the fabric will sew itself……
I’m excited about learning from my fellow sewists!