I hope the Pope doesn’t read my blog…I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who knows the theme of the movie “Rudy” was played during Ash Wednesday service.  Well, my daughter knows, too, because she was the one playing it on the piano!  She leads the music ministry team at her high school and picked very appropriate hymns for the beginning and ending of the service.  For prelude music and quiet, contemplative music during distribution of ashes, she reached for her green binder filled with the music of the O’Neill Brothers.  If you enjoy beautiful, relaxing piano music, check them out.  The Notre Dame Experience CD is filled with lovely tunes and includes the title track of Rudy.  Rudy easily brings a tear to many eyes, but brings a tear to my eye even more so now that my dad is gone – he was a huge ND fan.  My daughter played a lovely medley of songs, including Rudy, at his funeral.  The organist also played many traditional hymns that my mom loved.  We were given permission for him to sing “Danny Boy” during the service and my daughter and her cousins sang “Homeward Bound” as a prelude.  The music made it meaningful to us.

I think music has the power to move us but it can be very personal.  The Church usually does not allow secular songs, like “Danny Boy”, at funerals and weddings.  Proper liturgical music is supposed to be sung during the Mass.  I have often pondered what makes music “holy.”  I’m not sure I know the answer, but have discussed it with many people.  Sure, Mozart’s Requiem sounds holy to me, but so does the Beatles’ “Let It Be.”  (My son played that a few times at school Masses until someone higher up put an end to it.)

I will continue to ponder this question.  For now, I “know it when I hear it.”