The college application process seems a lot more grueling than when I went through it a looooong time ago.  For a music major, the process lasts well into January and February because decisions are based on an audition.  We visited some schools last spring with the family in tow, but decided that only one of us would accompany my son to his auditions.  So I have been criss-crossing the state (and country) with my son.  I knew that I had to have a good project in hand…something that would be simple enough to do in the car and while waiting for him to audition, take theory and aural tests, ….Damson was a perfect project.

I love the yarn, Dream In Color Smooshy.  It was my first experience with yarn that is so….well, smooshy!

The pattern, by Ysolda, is well-written.  I managed to make many mistakes in the beginning.  I seemed to reverse the front and back occasionally which immediately throws off the yarn overs.  I finally got the hang of it.  Later, in the stockinette portion, I managed to forget many psso’s….that was a bit harder to fix, but fix it I usually did.  I adore this little shawlette!  I blocked it, which just made it hang so nicely.

 Although it is probably a bit small for my ample back, it still is enough to keep the chill off my shoulders.

During its travels, this Damson heard many things:

“Gift From the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
The White Album – Beatles
Elton John – Greatest Hits
Sergeant Pepper – Beatles
In My Living Room – Carol King (3 times at my husband’s insistance!)
These are the Days – Jamie Cullum
The Dance – Dave Koz
Becoming Jane Soundtrack
Sense and Sensibility Soundtrack
Wicked Soundtrack
Earth, Wind, & Fire Greatest Hits
All the Seasons of George Winston
And a lot of Hail Marys!

Remember when my son bought me this shirt?

I told him I’d wear it to every rock concert he ever gave.  Well, it’s a little too tight for my comfort level, so I need to decide if I will creatively modify the shirt so I CAN wear it or just save it for posterity.  In lieu of the shirt, I will wear “Audition Damson” to my son’s concert tonight.  He is playing in the finals in a High School Rock Off at the House of Blues.  Here’s hoping Damson brings a winner!

PS.  I have to say that even though I don’t like all the rock that I will hear tonight I have a great appreciation for the time and talent that these bands have.  I know the creative time that my son spends composing his songs and the hours he and his band mates practice.  It’s a lot of talent and hard work!