Spring may not be here anytime soon in Cleveland, but babies are blooming everywhere!


How about this sweet little one!!!  She decided to arrive very early and had quite a rocky start. Well, I finally met her last week and she is a doll! My kids were always so fussy and crabby. She is bright, attentive and so calm! Well, her mom came over to take some photos of this newest blanket! For anyone here in the 216, please stop by her Facebook page to see her Mommy and Me sessions or her website at Megan Schuett Photography.


This newest design came about as a shower present for my niece, who has not had her baby yet! She only had three Kent State shirts, so she sketched out her idea of a central block. (She and her husband met at Kent!) I decided to go “old school” on the rest of the blanket and make a simple, patchwork design. She selected a minky backing which was a plush fleece with white polka dots. A lot of fun elements there!


The Notre Dame blanket was delivered to the mom-to-be last week at her shower. Her baby arrived yesterday! She’s an ND grad and the couple is all about green and everything Irish!  I used a lot of the same blocks as the Kent blanket and added some fun, green blocks. This time, I used a cotton, chenille backing.


These blankets are functional blankets. Throw them on the floor, take them in the car on stroller. I used mine all the time. (My aunt and, then, my mother-in-law made each of my kids a flannel blanket. Annie’s became her “blanky” and it was in shreds by the time she was done with it. A piece of it remains in her graduation memory blanket.


The blankets aren’t limited to college teams. Celebrate a favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or any other team you would like! Or simply celebrate your favorite colors! It doesn’t have to be a sports blanket. But, your baby will be the cutest baby come game day weekend!


For more information, check out the Sports Theme Baby Blanket Page. You can also check out the 9 Block page which is the style of baby blanket shown below.