What to do with boxes of old baby clothes? Turn them into a Baby Clothes Memory Blanket!  What to do when the recipients are teens? Make it bigger!

I go back and forth with my customers on what they are looking for, who the blankets are for, their ages, color preferences, etc. But I often don’t pull out the clothes until I am ready to work on the blanket. When I learned this customer’s daughters were older, we thought a “Hodge Podge” design would work well. But since I was working mainly with their old baby clothes and dresses, the sizes of the clothes restricted me a bit.  So, instead, I chose to predominantly use squares. I used a center dress panel, similar to the vintage baby dress blanket I made, and built the blanket around that. I added wide, side borders, so that the blankets are about 5′ x 6′.

One daughter wanted a minky fabric and I selected a striped, poly fleece for the other.

There are lots of fun little details, like this mitten on a string.

Sometimes I don’t think that there is artistry or creativity in my blankets until my husband sees them and calls them works of art.  Then, I realize that there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into them.

This blanket listing can be found in my Etsy shop here.