I recently finished a baby quilt for a past customer who was expecting her second child. The first quilt I made for her was an interesting project and you can read about it here.  I took an existing quilt that was rather small, deconstructed it and made it bigger for her growing son. We added a border and a name applique down the center.

Mom sent me all the fabrics so I only had to do the cutting and sewing. I couldn’t remember the dimension of the squares, so I cut these to 3″.  I cut and sewed all the strips to create the center rectangle.  I know there are faster ways to cut postage stamp blocks and will try that next time.

I machine quilted across the entire blanket in one direction. I then machine quilted the inside squares in the other direction. I also straight stitched around the inner and out rectangles, as well as around each letter.

The blanket is about 40″ x 50″ or slightly less. (I forgot to get the exact dimensions before I sent it off!)

Mom sent some fabric with wolves on it that we didn’t use. I asked if she would like me to make something else and we settled on a minky dot blanket.  It’s a simple blanket, stitched around the edge and then about 2″ in from the edge.

Many of these are sold on Etsy, but I have added a listing for a custom minky blanket.