I had a sweet customer contact me recently to ask if my T Shirt Quilt Kit could be sewn by hand and how long it would take her and if she could use sweatshirts in addition to T Shirts.  I answered her questions and, although she was new to her machine, encouraged her to give it a try.

I think she wins the award for fastest turn-around time – and a beginner no less!  She dove in and decided that she would be my test “dummy”.  If she could make it, “anyone could!”

Well, I think Amy did a fantastic job!  I do believe that the best way to learn to sew is to jump in with a project.  You can try a simple tote or a commercial pattern.  But just try something that you love.  This special blanket is a gift to Amy’s grandmother, made with her grandmother’s sweatshirts.  I think it is lovely!

Amy gave me some wonderful feedback on my pattern so I will make a few tweaks to it.  She completed the kit in two sessions!

Sew! Be Not Afraid!  Try a 9-Block T Shirt Quilt Kit or let me build a Custom 12-Block Kit for you.  Here is one I just sent out in a lovely teal blue with royal blue fleece backing.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!