Summer on Lake Erie can be short.  After the grueling winter and very cold and wet spring, we have had a sluggish start to summer.  That, and the economy, can lead to a lot of boats on dry dock. (I’ve always considered it best to KNOW someone with a boat…)

But now I can safely say that summer has begun.  I have had my first trip to the beach to enjoy one of my favorite summer pastimes:  hunting for beach glass treasures.
This particular beach is a nature preserve where swimming is not allowed.  We bike about a mile down to the beach, which is quite long.  There is plenty of rocks amidst the sand to search for treasures.

That one’s a beauty, isn’t it?

So is that one!

You would think that long walks on the beach would lead to inspiration. It refreshes me to have the wind in my hair and the sound of the waves pounding on the shore. But, un-romantically, inspiration usually hits me when I’m in the shower. And these little bags were an inspiration to fill a practical need: stashing all my little beach finds.

We have always  put our beach glass in our pockets or a small bag that Annie would bring.  But since I have been so “enmeshed” in “mesh” lately, I had the idea that a small mesh bag that clips on my belt or string bikini (yeah, right) would be perfectly practical.  Add a pretty little border fabric and I’ve gone from oversized to mini beach bags!

This mini drawstring bag is designed to hang just right so you can slip your hand in to it. If you are done collecting, pull the drawstring to cinch up the fabric. Pick up a little sand with those stones? Simply dunk the bag in the water.

What a perfect way to keep your treasures safe. And don’t limit yourself to beach treasures. This bag would be perfect for any little things your heart desires to stash – acorns, leaves, toys.

There are currently four styles available in: blue batik, blue and white stripe, polka dot and pink.

Would you like to WIN one?  Head on over to my friend akaCinders blog for a giveaway!