Summer is in full swing!  Summer, in my mind, means lazy picnics by the river or days down at the beach. Summer, in reality, means stitching my fingers away, four kids trying to figure out where they have to be for the day, running to baseball games, moving kids to and fro, and, pretty much, trying to figure out the meaning of life. Does that sound like your summer?

Well, then maybe it’s time you relaxed a bit!

Annie and her friend had a fun backyard play day filled with slip and slide, water balloons and shaving cream! So I snagged them to show this beautiful beach blanket (or picnic blanket!)

It’s made with the new Jenny Eliza fabrics at Joann’s. These fabrics are designed by Jennifer Paganelli of Sisboom and they are just gorgeous together. Don’t they take you to someplace tropical?

I bought almost every fabric in the collection since this blanket uses 10 different fabrics!

I always struggle to capture the beauty of the fabrics on these blankets.

The blankets are about 7 feet square!

They make great cocoons….

We had our family reunion yesterday and our family was the host family.  I donated this blanket. My brother told me all day that his wife, who was out of town, told him he better win the blanket. Well, sure enough, he won!  Our next family reunion is next weekend and there will now be 3 of these big blankets on the beach. Pretty soon the entire beach will look like a patchwork quilt!

 Is your summer going like mine?  Do you have lots of grad parties, work parties, picnics, etc?