Annie’s National Honor Society Induction – Here she is with two cousins who are officers.

To say that May is a busy month for many people is an understatement.  Looking back on last month, I moved two college kids home, cleaned out our attic to make room for the college kids’ stuff, thinned out our stuff in preparation for a garage sale, attended a bridal shower, an NHS induction, a high school band concert, and an elementary band concert.  I went out to tea, to an Anniversary dinner, and to see my jazz son play out a few times.  (I no longer can go to every gig since he’s playing out 4 times a week!)  And my youngest started baseball. Oh yes, and ran a 5K and had a Sweet 16 party!

When you have kids in the performing arts, Christmas and May can be very busy times between school programs and recitals.  Fortunately, most of that has been pared down. I was particularly proud of my youngest son.  He’s the kinetic, sports-loving one.  He takes trombone lessons at school and piano lessons, just as his siblings did.  His brother bought him a duet book for Christmas and we asked the band director if they could do a duet.  We were thrilled to see him pull it off!

Tomorrow – a glimpse into my life with the band!