Because having a 16th birthday party isn’t enough to do on a holiday weekend, we threw in a prom, too.  Fortunately, this was the boy’s prom, so he did most of the work!

This is my older daughter, who already completed her first year of college.  She chose to wear this dress I made last year.

I think the color of his vest matches perfectly!  I also did her hair.  We had curled it three times and the curls kept falling out.  So I did this side sweep.

Yes, we need one photo with the brother in the tree….

The dress is a washable silk and has a number of stains that did not wash out.  We are going to retire this dress as a formal.  I would like to refashion it somehow – perhaps using the skirt portion with some kind of contrast bodice – perhaps out of a cotton print.  Or perhaps glamming it up with a flashy bodice, as shown below. Share your ideas if you have them!