I made a coffee sack apron for a custom order. I still have one of these aprons in my shop ready to ship.  I also finished up the hipster bag that I made using the Suede coat. This is going to get its own post next week. The pattern I used, from Dog Under My Desk, is great!
On another note, how do you read blogs? I have to admit that my reading habits have changed since the “early days”. My blogger list grew so big at one time that I started using Google Reader to organize my blogs – by type – local, knitting, sewing, etc… I didn’t have any reading devices at the time, so I always did this from my desk top. Now that Google Reader is closing, I signed up at Bloglovin and it imported all the blogs I follow. I like that they said me a daily digest email. I’m not really familiar with it beyond that. Time-wise, I have migrated to Facebook, so many of the blogs that I follow, I see the link on Facebook in my news feed. It’s all challenging to organize. I’d love to hear how you manage yours!  I’m here over at Bloglovin.
As far as my blog, I use it to primarily showcase my work and occasionally share my thoughts on life. I thank you for stopping by and all your encouragement along the way!
Have a great weekend!