Lest you think I’m just…
– scrubbing bathrooms
– doing laundry
– preparing three meals for a family of six
– staying on top of the college applications
– trying to decide on the school for my youngest son
– driving kids to school, baseball, concerts, musicals,…
– taking walks with my daughter
– jumping rope
– working
– taking a simple photography class at the library
– writing my first sewing pattern
– planning a graduation party
– thinking about spring cleaning (yeah, I’m only thinking it!)
– planning what trips the family will take (I have a 25th college reunion and, oh yeah, I have another kid looking at colleges for next year!)
– contemplating my purpose in the world
– whining about all of the above….

I DID do a little sewing…….

This is the dress my daughter will wear for the spring concert.  She and my son both play instruments for a Cleveland youth chorus and get to perform on the “big stage” twice a year.  It’s tradition for me to make my daughter’s dress.  She plays piano.  I hope to have model shots soon, but her typical day is 12 hours long.  (This week her schedule includes rehearsals and driving lessons – yep, that daughter.)  We have to shop for shoes and then I have to hem the dress.  I’m excited that I have this finished and the concert isn’t until May 23rd!

The chorus has very strict dress codes.  I try to honor those codes in the dresses we select.  Plus, I like a dress that isn’t cut down to the belly button on a 16 year old girl.  (Even the one she wore last weekend was a little lower-cut than my taste, but my mom bought it for her…and my mom, who was so strict about what I wore thought it was ok….)

I love the bias cut, how it just flows over the curves.  I will have a complete pattern review when I get the model shots.  Also, if any of you are fashionistas, can you help me out?  What would be the best, least expensive undergarment, for wearing under a bias-cut dress?  It does cling and I can’t stand to see lines.