I love following BurdaStyle for fashion and sewing ideas. I used one of their free patterns as a starting point for a vest I made my son.  When I saw this plus-sized dress pattern, I was instantly drawn to it. Here’s the model shot. The pattern is called the Section Dress.

It was shown with this Open Back Short Coat:. I liked the idea of the jacket for several reasons. One, I’m not big on sleeveless dresses because – well, it’s obvious I sew more than I hit the gym. (OK, I don’t go to the gym….) Two, I’m often chilly and the jacket is a great way to keep the shoulders warm.

I have not made the jacket yet, but still hope to get around to it. I was so excited to try this dress and adored the fabric used on the model. I went to my local Joann’s and bought this brocade with a shiny, leopard print.

It’s a little more shiny than what I would normally choose but I think it’s a fun print. The shade varies between a silver and a blueish tint, depending on the light.  The design, which includes the set-in waistband, almost gives the illusion that I have a waist (and not a tree trunk.)

Do you see my Twillypop necklace? I love them for their classic elegance and fun colors! (Sara has closed her shop but she does have pop up shops now and then and may be open for custom orders.)

Moving into the light…..

Most of the Burda patterns are downloadable. I still would like to figure out how to print them at a print shop, but it is not too difficult to piece the patterns together. I carefully used my measurements and simply used the multiple sizing lines to make adjustments on the pattern. You do have to add seam allowances to this pattern. I was in a hurry so skipped making a muslin. The fit was pretty spot on – I had to take in the sides by about an inch. In hindsight, there are a few more adjustments I would have made. The shoulders sit a bit too far on the outside of my shoulders.

The pattern had a few points which were a little confusing to me. The pleat, I believe is supposed to be hand stitched at the hemline. I initially did not do that because I thought it would be difficult to walk in the dress without a kick pleat in the back.  But if I don’t secure the pleat (see last photo) at the hemline, I lose the hourglass shaping of the dress.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the dress! Here I am in all my un-photoshopped glory! (I have enough vanity to want to photoshop the wrinkles out of my neck, but haven’t learned enough about photoshop to do so….)

I wore the dress out on New Year’s Eve when we went to see my son play. I also have a couple galas I’m attending so the dress will get a good workout.  I think this dress shows that good design can work with “fair, fat and 50” bodies….  Do we HAVE to squeeze into clingy, knit dresses with Spanx underneath?

I pin a lot of Burda’s patterns to my Fashion Sewing board on Pinterest. Stop by for some inspiration!