I try to be a positive person in life. I try not to rant (too often….). But occasionally, there are things worth ranting about! Like the quality of clothing. This shirt I bought my husband from Target? It lost the first button in the washing machine and another one not long after. All of the button threads look like this.

My daughter’s new coat from Macy’s? I must have re-sewn every darn button on it! She even returned it once because she was afraid to ask me again to sew on the buttons.

Why am I sewing it on? Good question. I left her with the needle and button one day thinking she could figure it out. She didn’t even try…..I am failing.  
How about this new quilter’s glove I just bought from Joanns?  Look at that fine stitching – right out of the bag!!!
I have a real problem with the quality of sewn goods these days, much of which is made overseas. We should have the tools/technology/robotics/inspection processes to have mastered how to sew on a button. Yet we continue to buy and accept crap.
Do you hate sewing on buttons as much as I do? Do you face this problem? What do you do – fix it? Return it?