Babies are just what the doctor ordered to get me out of the January blues! Creating these blankets for twin boys was just a joy. You just can’t help but smile at the fun graphics and colors.

These blankets are for Max and Mason. One has a blue minky backing and the other green. Mom suggested I use some of the minky for filler blocks and that was a great idea!

Mom also had me split apart Dad’s Carolina shirt, so I lined them up on the edges. I did the same thing for their “Tar” and “Heels” onesies!

This blanket even included one of Mom’s sleepers!

The Baby Clothes Memory Blanket is described here. The typical blanket consists of 36 squares. I use all types of clothing. Extra blankets or sheets help to act as fillers. I will applique a few items onto various blocks. Have special ideas or requests? Just ask! Contact me here!