If you read my post about gifts for wine lovers, you know that I enjoy wine.  I’ve been introduced to another wonderful product called ChillinJoy that I will add to that list!  

“The first of its kind, ChillinJoy uses a system of neoprene technology and removable ice packs to chill a room-temperature bottle of wine to the optimal drinking temperature and keep it chilled for hours.  ChillinJoy is the perfect gift for wine lovers.” It was developed to be more than just a cooler –  to actually chill a bottle of wine –  perfect for an outdoor picnic, concert or for the increasingly popular restaurants that are allowing you to bring your own wine.

The backyard ice rink on a rare sunny day.
Since we are not exactly having picnic weather, we thought it would be fun to have an indoor picnic.  One can only stand so many sun-less, sub-freezing days before going a little stir crazy!  We invited our wine-loving friends over.  We are not high-brow here…we started with a few mini weenies!

Yum!  Our neighbors are quite knowledgeable about wines.  They have visited wineries in  Napa Valley, the Niagara region and our own wineries in Northeast Ohio.  Last year they treated us to a Wine and Chocolate Tour during which we were introduced to many fine wineries with beautiful vineyards right in our backyard!  They are also involved in wine events that are major fundraisers for Cystic Fibrosis.

We had a nice selection of wines at room temperature.  We chilled them just for a few minutes in the freezer and then placed them in the ChillinJoy with the frozen gel packs.

Normally, when you carry the wine in the ChillinJoy tote, the wine cools as the liquid sloshes around.  We weren’t walking anywhere, but we did test it out as a tote.

The wine can be opened without unzipping the tote, another convenient feature.  We enjoyed a glass at the perfect temperature – chilled, but not ice cold.

We also enjoyed a nice dinner, good conversation and lovely wines.  We are looking forward to using our ChilinJoy at summer picnics, jazz concerts, and backyard barbecues whenever warm weather arrives.  Keep it in mind as a gift for yourself or for the wine-lover in your life.  Companies could even customize the tote with their own logo rather than the ChillinJoy logo to make a nice gift for employees or clients.
Thanks to our lovely friends for a fun-filled evening.  It’s nice to know that these 30-somethings don’t mind hanging out with us 40-somethings….