Being the youngest child of six I was often told I was “spoiled” – even though my siblings were often the ones who spoiled me!  Our special friend/babysitter Karen was particularly keen on spoiling me…and my retort was:

“I’m not spoiled, I’m happy!!!”

Well, I AM a happy old gal!  This is a little late, but I wanted to share with you just a few of the goodies I received this Christmas.  My oldest daughter bought me this wine glass holder with the wonderful Austen quote from Pride & Prejudice!  She got it from the very neat shop Etched In Time.

That bottle of wine?  Yep, from my neighbors!  That’s in addition to the Nike jogging jacket they gave me!  Yep.  I’m spoiled!

This tree-shaped bottle was from my friends Karen & Bob.  I also got “Wine-opoly” from them, appropriately enough!

But they didn’t stop there.  They gave me this fabulous, knit sweater coat!  I LOVE it and have been wearing all the time.  It is super-soft merino wool and keeps me close to my Irish roots!  Everyone thinks I knit it!

Annie made all of her gifts, including the web site for her brother, earrings for her sister and a gun-rack (don’t ask) for her other brother.  Inspired by something she had seen on Etsy, she made me two personal drink holders.  These are great for our sectional for which we only have one end table.

I helped my youngest son make his presents, also.  For a couple family members who worry, we framed Shel Silversteins “What If” poem and he drew a corresponding picture.

Yes, I am spoiled and happy and blessed!