My son has been fortunate to have a guardian angel in college. We met Uncle Tim last year when we visited our son for Family Weekend. He works in the cafeteria and nicknamed my son “Cleveland.” I love to know that there are folks willing to look after each other. And to know that someone is looking out for my son gives me comfort.

This year, when we headed for Family Weekend, I wanted to bring Tim a bit of Cleveland. I hit the stores. One local grocery chain, Heinen’s, has labels on the shelves to indicate local products. Most of these products I am familiar with. But a few were new to me. I started with this Cleveland bag.

I added:

It was a lot of fun putting together some Cleveland and Ohio originals! I don’t travel extensively, but when I do, I love to see the unique things to that area, especially food.

Tim was quite moved when we gave him this gift. We talked and he shared some of his life story with my husband. I’m grateful for his friendship with my son. A smile can go such a long way, and these two have an abundance of smiles to give.