Since many of us are in the middle of gift-buying, let’s discuss how you buy. Do you buy gifts that you would like yourself? I think I probably do this.  In many cases, I am contacted by women who are tired of seeing a ton of shirts in the closet that their husbands can’t seem to part with. I use the shirts to make a blanket for the husband. And my customer is happy that she gets a clean closet! It’s a win-win….secretly buying yourself a present! 

This particular blanket is filled with shirts from championship basketball seasons at Michigan State University!  We decided to use a MSU fleece for the backing. I LOVE the plaid (even though it’s Michigan State…..) :)  I have only done one other blanket with licensed fleece on the back and that was a Penn State blanket.

The college blankets are a great way to use up old shirts and have a unique stadium blanket for when you go back for games!

If you are interested in a “college blanket”, contact me to see if I can get fabric in your college.  Options would include:

Fleece on the back only – 20, 25, Hodge Podge

Cotton sashing on the front and fleece on the back – 9, 12, 16 block