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Maiden Jane is a one-woman sewing studio!  If you have questions, please review the FAQs below and get in touch! Fill out this form or feel free to contact me at 440.954.2939 or


Here are some common questions about Maiden Jane. If you have any questions that aren’t listed here feel free to contact me!

What are your prices?

You can view price lists by clicking on the links:

Quilt Price List

Pillow Price List

what is your turn around time?

I can make a quilt blanket in a relatively short period of time. However, the turnaround time depends on the number of items in my custom sewing queue. It is best to plan as far as possible in advance, especially if you are considering giving one as a gift in December(holidays) or May (graduations). You can also request a rush order. If I can accommodate you, there will be a $25 additional charge. Present turnaround time is about six months.

what are the care instructions?

The blankets are machine washable. Machine was cool and tumble dry low. If you would like to press the top of the quilt, press gently using a press cloth or handkerchief so that you do not melt the T Shirt motifs.

Are the blankets traditional quilts with batting?
No. A traditional quilt is made of three layers: the top, a middle layer of batting and a cotton bottom. The batting can shift and bunch so the quilt has to be stitched or “quilted” through the three layers. Maiden Jane blankets have two layers: the top and a cozy fleece bottom. There is no need for batting. The blankets are top-stitched and tacked down to keep the layers stable. The fleece provides a cozy and comfortable backing that is not as stiff as a traditional quilt. I can make a traditional quilt but the cost and time involved increases significantly.
Are the blankets as durable as traditional quilts?

I have made these quilts for over ten years. My customers testify that they are quite durable. My own children have used their blankets at college as throws and picnic blankets. They wash up very nicely. Will they be heirlooms in 100 years? I don’t know! But they are surely a “practical and pretty” way to get T Shirts out of your closet and drawers!

Do you use interfacing?
I use interfacing on shirts that are extremely worn or have holes in them. I also use them in the blankets that are sewn to cotton fabrics. This is mainly for ease of construction.
Can i use the front and back of a shirt?


Can I use sweatshirt or sports Jersey?
What other things can I use?

Varsity jacket, sheets, blankets, shorts, button-down shirts, jeans, jerseys, uniforms, varsity letters, vintage quilts.

Can I select the fabrics?

You can leave fabric selection up to me or we can work together to make the selections. Sometimes customers will specify a color they would like or think would work well. Many times they leave the choices to me. You can always look through examples of my other blankets to get ideas.

Popular choices – Luxe fleece ––solids/zprd_14752356a.html

Minky –

If you select a backing be sure to give me the product number and/or link to the product.