What started as an interesting Coogi sweater, has ended up as a pillow, a wine tote, and a slouchy hat! The knitted fabric is very textural. Some areas even have pockets and overlays, which can make it interesting when trying to use it as a flat piece. The fabric is so unique that each side of the pillow has a different character. In addition to the pillow, my client requested a tote. I showed him the clutch purse I made but he opted for a wine tote. I made a simple wine tote with a red, duck cloth lining and an upcycled leather belt handle. The biggest challenge was creating a hat. I shared different patterns. In the end, we were inspired by an upcycled Coogi sweater that was made into a slouchy hat. I found a large section that was about 22″ wide and about 16″ high. I sewed the fabric into a cylinder and gathered it at the top. The fabric stretched to about 24″ so it was a bit loose on my head and my client didn’t like the amount of slouch. So I cut it all down by several inches. He was much happier with that. He said he would wear it more like a toque, with the brim folded up. I decided to remove the neck ribbing and use it as a band for the hat. When he folds it up, the part with the green thread shows. The side seams are visible when he folds it, but there was not an easy workaround for that.

I was excited to work on another Coogi upcycle. The fabric and colors are so interesting!