It seems that I tend to micro-blog on my personal Facebook page or my business Instagram/Facebook page. But I wanted to put down a few words on my blog today.

In this time of Covid, we had experienced various levels of duress: anxiety, uncertainty, sickness, concern for a loved one, loss of employment…. Something like masks – the endless arguments – they don’t work, they do work, let’s make millions….

I feel bad that, as a custom sewing studio, I was not willing to make masks. Annie and I went back and forth on it. Agonizing over the decision since so many people were telling us (mainly her) to make them. In the end, we chose not to. For both of us, we were concerned about efficacy. For me, I was busy with sewing projects due to my long lead times. Interestingly, with so many people home, I have had a huge surge in projects requests. It’s a blessing when so many are out of work. Annie pivoted to make masks for a local designer. This was a great decision. She was able to earn money, help the cause, and not stray from her brand.

Certainly, the hardships during this period are many. I don’t need to enumerate them since we are living them. However, there are some positive things that I have observed that have arisen during this time:

  • Families are spending more time together. Siblings are playing (and fighting) together.
  • Moms and Dads, although they may be going stir crazy between working and teaching the kids, may be enjoying a relaxed after school schedule. No running to practice and lessons and eating on the run.
  • Family dinners. This has not changed for me. Through all the 29 years of raising children, family dinner has been the core of family life. So many lessons have been learned around the table. Not much is off limits and today’s discussions are quite dynamic. I’m hoping much of the rest of the US is discovering this family time.
  • Cooking! Although we miss our favorite restaurants, people are cooking more! Personally, my level of cooking has not changed. Since I experienced Whole30 I have adopted a, mainly, whole foods lifestyle and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I admit that I’ve hit a bit of a rut. That’s the beauty of going out – tasting a unique way of preparing a food. Our kids surprised us on our anniversary with an amazing dinner at home – with the house transformed into a fine dining establishment. I cried at the beauty of it and the level of detail they applied to it. Of course, my husband’s credit card helped.
  • Walking. I see so many people walking in the neighborhood that I have never seen before! It’s incredible! And I have been able to chat with some of the new faces. Hanging a t shirt quilt from your garage door to take photo is a great way to start a conversation!
  • Chatting with friends. I dearly miss seeing my friends in person. Something about this time has made me anxious to connect with current and old friends. My friend managed a zoom with a few college friends and it was fun. I want to try to pick up the phone just to chat with my friends. But, in a broad sense, I find it hard to do this and I’m not sure why. I think we get comfortable in our busy, daily routines and don’t have the time/energy to make that call. And besides, everyone is so “busy.”
  • Exploring the beauty around us. I have looked at the world with new eyes. I spent time with my son while he was taking photos for a school project. We took advantage of that time to explore Lakeview Cemetery, Fairport Harbor, the beaches. What a gift nature has been during this time.
  • Catching up on shows and movies. For me, this time has not offered more hobby time unfortunately. However, since my son has been home from school, we are enjoying some classic movies together. My husband and I have also found many interesting documentaries to watch.

Have you found any positives?