OK, I’ve always wanted to make a post with that title.  However, I fretted because there is a really neat blog by the title of “Crap I’ve Made”.   (Check it out!)

I just finished knitting my November Ruffle Wrap!  I’m so excited about it I brought it to bed with me last night.  OK, so that’s weird, but I love the warmth it brings when I’m under it – wish I had a huge blanket like this.  I wore it out to the bus stop and it was just right for a cool crisp morning.  I am blocking it and asked Annie to do a photo shoot in a day or so.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sewing for my Etsy and the craft show.  Some tailgate totes:

An oversized tote made out of a coffee sack – completely lined.

And my newest rug:

I’ve dabbled a little in color work, and bought this sweet pattern from The High North.  I hope to cast on later today.  I’m planning on making it for my 17 year old.  Teen girls have a habit of wearing layers of camis and tees and walking around the house saying “it’s cold”.   I say, “Put a sweater on!!!”  I thought this one might do the trick!

Another thing I want to make is this skeleton wreath!  You know I’m kindof a holiday decoration scrooge, but this looks like plain old fun!

The tutorial is over at  Ready, Set, Craft and is written by Meg of Mega Crafty and Mega Spooky.

This may be another Halloween thing I want to make.  My friend Sarah at Clover Lane does this for Christmas, too.  Simple decorating – love it!

OK, is that enough “crap” to throw at you?