I am grateful that CSN offered me another opportunity to review a product.  I selected two items that I can use in my sewing studio.

As many of you have come to know, we at Maiden Jane like practical items that are well-designed and are constructed of high quality.  Although I strive for this in my handmade products, I don’t often find it in the commercial products I buy.

Because of my T-Shirt Quilt Making, I thought it would be helpful  to keep the cord out of the way when I am pressing the back of the quilt.  I am now on my third cord-minder and the quest for perfection continues.  The first cord minder I bought from Amazon went right back to the seller.  Parts were broken and the spring was not strong enough to support the cord.  The second cord minder I reviewed on this post.

 The Polder cord minder
The problem with the Polder cord minder was that the ability to fold it down for easy storage also enabled it to collapse on itself when I was using it.
On to the Minky Iron-Flex Holder.

The product package states that it will “Fit any board.”

That’s a problem, because it does not fit my board or my counter!

Furthermore, the cord cannot fit into the cord holder.  That piece of white plastic is not flexible – I could not pry it open and get the cord in!

This cord minder also folds down for easy storage.  The mechanism for folding is a lot better designed than the Polder one – it will not collapse when you are using it.  However, I was unable even to test the Minky holder due to the size limitations.  I have a standard ironing board.  This product is made in the UK, so I am assuming that the ironing boards are much thinner and that the irons have thin cords.

So my quest for the perfect cord minder continues.  However, I have turned to my husband, Mr. Maiden Jane, mechanical wiz and genius, to design me something that works!  I will be sure to share with you the result!

I also took a look at the Polder Iron Rest.

At first sight, the product seemed sturdy and well-made.  It states that it holds the iron in the “vertical or angled position.”  However, when I placed my iron on it (granted, it is a Rowenta Professional, so a bit heavier than a typical iron) it immediately fell to the angled position.

I prefer the angled position so that I can quickly grab the iron.  So my husband fixed the issue by bending the metal holders down.

This put a nice crack in the paint.  Not a show-stopper, but something I would not be happy about if I purchased the item.

The iron rest holds the iron at the proper angle now, so I am going to continue to use it.  The irony is that now my cord gets stuck in the crack between the board and the holder!  Sigh….if you have any ideas for me please share!