My friend Sarah asked me to sew a bassinet set.  She is expecting her sixth child and this bassinet needed updating.  The quilted liner was a tad small so she wanted that increased a bit.

She selected the fabrics and sent them to me, along with the old set to use as a pattern.  It was fun to sew and I can’t wait to see it in and on the bassinet, as the hood and the ruffle are hard to demonstrate.

One of the challenges was determining the perimeter sizing.  I increased the two pieces by an inch or so, but in the end, when I measured it next to the old liner, it didn’t seem much bigger.  So I removed the side seams to make it bigger.  I hadn’t really considered that the old fabric was thin and stretchy.  I should have accounted more for the thickness of the new fabric.  Even an engineer doesn’t think of everything when she sews!

I’m waiting on pins and needles as the set is arriving today.  I asked her to send it back if it does not fit well so that I can insert a panel in the ends to increase the size.

It’s so fun to think of a little baby all snug in the bassinet!  I can’t wait to see him or her!