A customer wanted a T Shirt Quilt that was Twin-Bed bedspread size so her son could take it to college. I opted to use larger sashing, so this is still a 12-block blanket. The backing has a seamed, sweatshirt fleece, so this is either a nice, huge blanket or a bedspread!

I like the tonal, blue cross-hatch sashing fabric.

Another design option for this type of blanket would be to have the 12-block design standard size, so that most of it fits on the top of the bed and then have the side drops be solid fabric. (This would look similar to the duvet I made.)






Are you bored with my new quilt posts? I am! But my thoughts are swirling too much to focus on anything else. I’m a 24/7 air traffic controller here. Part of the house is up early and heading out to work, the other part is coming in at 3 AM after a gig. And everywhere in between are bored or active teens! All I want to do is go to the beach but the weather has not cooperated.  We are trying to eek out every last moment of summer before school starts in a couple weeks! I hope you are enjoying yours!