These photos made my day! I made a 9 Block T Shirt Blanket for my cousin’s daughter’s baby. He is growing so fast and is so adorable!!!  And I am thrilled to see the blanket in use! It’s a great blanket to throw on the floor or stay warm under while feeding.

Here’s a few photos of that blanket.

Wow, I know the green looks like the shade on the bottom – I don’t know what I did when editing that photo! Nevertheless, seeing that smiling baby lifts my spirits. Around here, we are going a bit stir crazy with the cold and the kids being off school for the 6th day this month…. I kicked them out the other day to shovel the driveway and the ice rink. Last night we skated under the stars and then my son stayed out for another hour! I wish they were in school. They wish they were in school. We are all craving a little bit of a schedule. But I can’t stand seeing these gorgeous, sunny days go to waste. I know it’s cold and school is called off, but it’s going to warm up into the teens. I’m taking the kids skiing!