Now that knitting club has ended for the school year, you don’t have to give up knitting. Instead:

1. “Don’t knit.” As quoted by my lovely daughter Annie.
2. “Keep Knitting!” As quoted by me.
3. Knit something small, like a purse, socks, or hat.
4. Get a jump start on your gift-knitting for Christmas.
5. Knit an Ipod case.
6. Try knitting with cotton. Yes, make another dishcloth, but even a cotton tote bag would be cute.
7. Try a new craft – like crochet.
8. Take a class – learn a new knitting skill at the local yarn or craft store.
9. Try sewing! (Bags, bags, bags….you can never have enough!)
10. Read. Buy a magazine. Check out a book at the library. See the magazines carried by the library. There is inspiration everywhere!
11. Take your knitting to the beach.
12. Keep some knitting in the car for those long vacation rides.
13. It’s OK to let a project hibernate. We all get bored with things at times.
14. Try knitting a loose, lacy scarf. Scarves are very in right now. A lightweight scarf would be perfect for spring and summer. (Think thin yarn and bigger needles.)
15. Explore unique yarn shops on all your travels.
16 – 101. Have a fun summer!