Our friends won this fabulous trunk at a fundraiser.  Unfortunately, I do not know who created it, but I am thrilled with our friends for gifting it to us!

They felt it would go well with our piano room theme.  There are images of Cleveland, including the theater district and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame emblazoned on it.

It appears that the images are on a thick, wallpaper-type material which was stuck or glued on to the wood portions of the trunk.  It’s a huge, old trunk!  I imagine putting some beautiful fabric in those spots could also be a creative redo of a trunk.

There’s a lot of storage inside, which looks like it is still covered in its first coverage of contact paper.  Since this trunk is in the “piano room” the kids use it to store the sheet music they’ve gathered over the years.  It’s half empty now because both of the college kids took most of it to school.

I love that the creators of the trunk left the name plate of its former owner – a nun!

 Not only is this trunk beautiful to look at and functional as storage, it can be used as a seat when we extend our table for large dinner parties.