This mess is just a fraction of the mess we had sprawled across our house this weekend!  We have pretty much settled the college kids back home, but there was a pile of things that need to be stored until the fall.  Our attic, however, has been accumulating stuff for 24 years!  This is not a walk up attic.  We access it using a pull-down ladder and then have to crawl around on the “super-floor” my husband built.   Anyway, some things had been up there quilt a while – like old college notes and work presentations.  We did a massive overhaul of everything stored up there.  Each kid has one large plastic bin to be used as a “memory bin.”  Special stuffed animals, blankets, etc.,  We have a lot of our classic toys stored up there, too, for the grand kids someday!  It was fun going through some of the items that we sorted into: recycle, garage sale and garbage.  I’ll be sharing a few fun finds down the road.

My husband had his college binders in these wonderful wooden cantaloupe crates.  We have no idea where we got them!  We decided to use them around the house.  I hope they aren’t too “college-dormish”.  My house isn’t exactly rustic in style, but our family room has touches of nautical elements (a post on that later, too.)  I think this fits in a bit with the nautical theme.

They also add a little vertical interest in some fairly large horizontal plains.

It’s fun for now!  Who knows, maybe my son will take them off to college in the fall.  But for now, we’ll enjoy them!