I won’t say that I’m busy because it sounds so cliche.  I thought I would take a break from my 5-day blogging approach during the peak of my busy season.  But so many thoughts get trapped in my mind that I just have to write.  Cramming two weddings, two fourth-of-July picnics, a family reunion and all the chaos of my “normal” life into one week -makes life, well, “busy”.  I will share more on the weddings in later posts.  Today’s post is mostly about dresses.
I snapped the photo above at a grad party.  Three girls arrived together in similar dresses – “bum dresses” I call them.  Am I judging if I just state the facts?  
They are tight.
 Girls are always pulling them up and down – how can that be comfortable?
I could see their thong lines. I thought the purpose of wearing thongs was so you didn’t have lines?
Maybe they should wear spanx? (But that’s another post….)
They played volleyball!
The guys – young and old – enjoyed the view.
That’s the observations. Now, I try not to judge other parents – I’ve learned to let kids make decisions.  Yes, I have had battles with my girls over their attire.  Sometimes you have to let go.  But I don’t want my girls in those kinds of dresses.  
And boy, can dresses be a pain.  It has been nothing but dress drama in the house for the past month or so getting ready for their sweet cousin’s wedding.  Here are my girls in their church dresses.  Annie and I splurged on the Coach hat at the outlet store and she later bought a dress to coordinate with it.  

On to the evening attire.  My frame of reference – look in the closet the day before and pull out a dress.  I KNOW I need to put a little more effort into my fashion sense.  Even though I have none, my girls certainly badger me with a thousand questions…”does this look ok?”, “does this match?”  Why me?????

My mom insisted on finding a dress for me because I was going to wear a dress she bought me a couple  years ago.  Well, one day she brought home the exact same dress with a different label.  I laughed so hard and told her she finally found one that worked!  If she didn’t remember what I wore, I guess it was ok to wear it again!

Back to the girls.  They had a hard time finding things.  My mom, who loves to shop, kept bringing dresses home for them to try.  Annie paid for the above dress – a lace-covered “bum dress” that Mom found for $15.  It looks really cute on Annie, but am I being hypocritical?  I teased her about it but she insisted it was “grandma-approved.”

The green dress was found with the help of some dear, dear friends.  I love the tiered, flowing fabric and the lovely green.  I think it has a bit of 20’s flapper influence, don’t you?

Which is funny because the recent patterns by BurdaStyle were inspired by the 1920’s and I love them!  This  Mondrian inspired dress would be really fun for the girls!

This one combines the modern color-blocking with the soft fabrics and drop-waist of the 20’s.

I love the tie and look of this dress!

You can see all their Roaring Twenties Patterns here.

So what do you think?  Am I a prude?  Judgemental?  Fashion freak? All I gotta say is, just wait until you have teen girls!