Yep!  I went to the mall last week and lived to tell about it!  I stepped into – even though I am not and do not desire to be – “Forever 21.”   My oldest daughter dragged me there and it wasn’t too bad.  They had some cute  dresses, so I bought the girls each a dress.  For college DD, I got a classic navy blue with white polka dot dress.  I can’t find a photo of it online.  It is similar to the above dress and it is reminiscent of the classic dress that Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman”.  I loved that dress – and the hat!

Here’s a cute dress pattern from Burda.

Both of my daughters are very tall and a lot of the dresses are cut very short.  It makes it very difficult to find something appropriate and that they would be comfortable in.  A few stores we walked into I had to turn around and walk out due to the pounding music (at 10 AM) and/or the smells.  Is it Ambercrombie?  I think so – oh the smells!  I stayed in long enough to walk around.  Many of the styles are based on classics….with about 50% of the fabric!

Cute dress, I think.  But look at how short it is?  And that’s on a stick model! It reminds me a bit of the argument regarding digital versus paper books.  Some feel we should be charged less for digital books because there is less cost in manufacturing and distributing a digital book.  I propose that many of today’s fashions should cost less because there is LESS fabric in them!  Sheesh, the shorts are, well, short in all directions!

It is fun to see the fashions inspired by Mad Men (I am clueless about the show – I’ve never seen it.) But I love the 50s/retro/vintage looks!

I love this pattern from Burda.  I love the guys’ shirt, too!

So what’s my advice?  Hey, I’m a 40-something Mom…my advice is keep your butts covered!